Community Conservation Education and Habitat Restoration

Community Conservation Education

Sustainable conservation impact requires us to equip younger generations with the skills and knowledge. By reaching young people directly through schools and organizations, and with partners in our communities, we can inspire them to be the future stewards of the planet and to protect it.

We have community conservation education and empowerment programs to create awareness on the plight of Mountain Bongo and sustainable natural resource management.

The success of the Mountain Bongo breeding, release and eventual survival in the wild depends on the support of the communities in the surrounding area.

Over 30,000 Students visit the Conservancy annually

By reaching the young people directly via schools and organizations, and with partners in our communities, we can inspire them to be the future stewards of the planet, to protect it and reverse the ills of past generations.

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Habitat Restoration

The Mount Kenya montane forest, the natural habitat of the Mountain Bongo, has been shrinking over many years due to the effects of illegal logging and forest clearance for agricultural production. This was exacerbated by the planting of non-indigenous trees that have impacted the habitats of many species. This has made it necessary to restore and replant indigenous trees as part of sustainable conservation efforts. To this end, MKWC has planted over 40,000 indigenous trees which has enhanced the forest cover in the area and forms part of the habitat for the fully rewilded Mountain Bongos.

The habitat restoration program is carried out in collaboration with the neighbouring communities. The tree seedlings used for the tree planting and restoration are sourced from the local Collaborative Forest Associations (CFAs), and community members plant and care for the trees until they are well-established.

Mountain Bongo Breeding & Rewilding

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