About Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

At the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, we are making our contribution to the work being done by the government and the private sector to restore, preserve and protect the region’s natural habitats and wildlife. Everyday, the wildlife and ecosystems which make Africa so special are put at further risk from human interference.

At the heart of our effort is the critically endangered Mountain Bongo whose population in the wild has drastically declined to less than 100. No species should reach such a precarious state. The conservancy has succeeded in breeding and rewilding these critically endangered animals, restoring their habitat, and returning them to their natural home in the wild.

At our animal orphanage, everyone can visit and see first-hand the impact this kind of environmental negligence has on many other different wildlife species. It is a live classroom, where animals that have been injured, orphaned or displaced by habitat destruction are brought to be treated and rehabilitated for release back to their natural homes.

The work would be rendered useless without our vital community conservation education program. By reaching the young people directly via schools and organizations, and with partners in our communities, we can inspire them to be future stewards of the planet, to protect it and reverse the ills of past generations. Every day we see great hope in them.

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